Kelompok Keahlian Perencanaan Wilayah dan Perdesaan


Networking with other organizations and institutions:

  1. International Cooperation
    1. University of Groningen
    2. University of Florida
    3. University of Hawaii at Manoa
    4. Harvard University
    5. Tongji University
    6. Renmin University of China
    7. National University of Singapore
    8. Cornell University
    9. University of Pennsylvania
    10. Planning Accreditation Board (PAB), as a part of Associate of Collegiate School of Planning (ACSP)
  2. National Cooperation
    1. Bandung Islamic University
    2. Pasundan University
    3. Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia
    4. Institut Pertanian Bogor
    5. Regional Development Program, Faculty of Geography, Gajah Mada University
    6. Faculty of Economy, Andalan University
    7. Regional and Area Planning Doctoral Program, Faculty of Economy, Northern Sumatera University, etc.
  3. Affiliation with Regional Planning Institution
    1. Indonesian Association of Urban and Regional Planners (IAP)
    2. Indonesian Planning Schools Association (ASPI)
    3. Asian Planning School Association (APSA)
    4. AEROPH
    5. American Planners Association (APA)
    6. Canadian Institute of Planners (CPI)
    7. Royal Australian Planning Institute (RAPI)
    8. Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)
  4. Affiliation with Other Disciplines
    1. Indonesian Economist Association (ISEI)
    2. Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA)
    3. Pacific Rim Regional Science Association (PRSCO)
  5. Others
    1. National Ministries and Boards (State Ministry for Development Planning / National Development Planning Agency, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.)
    2. Local Governments in Indonesia, Local Cooperation Boards in Indonesia