Kelompok Keahlian Perencanaan Wilayah dan Perdesaan

Research Project in 2011

  1. The Role of Remittance as Society Adaptation on Reducing Disaster Risk (Abstract). Principal Investigator (PI): Dr. Saut Aritua Hasiholan Sagala, ST, M.Sc.
  2. Regional Planning on Watershed Sustainability (Abstract). Principal Investigator (PI): Drs. Arief Rosyidie, MSP, M.Arch, PhD
  3. Regional Leadership Role in Regional Development in The Decentralization Era in Indonesia (Abstract). Principal Investigator (PI): Prof. Ir. Tommy Firman,  M.Sc. Ph.D.
  4. Proliferation and Regional Development in Indonesia (Abstract). Principal Investigator (PI): Dr. Delik Hudalah, ST., MT., M.Sc.
  5. The Phenomena of Post-suburbia in Jabodetabek Metropolitan (Abstract). Principal Investigator (PI): Dr. Delik Hudalah, ST., MT., M.Sc.