Kelompok Keahlian Perencanaan Wilayah dan Perdesaan

Research Roadmap


Since this research group has established, various research projects have been developed and their results have been published in scientific journals, books, and mass media. There are four main theme of  research at rural and regional planning research group.

The first theme is regional economy and metropolitan development, which include pioneering topics in related issues such as local economy development and mega-urban and peri-urban development. Currently, the research topics were developed to continue the pioneering research which mainly focusing on contemporary issues such as innovation, creativity and culture in regional development, as well as the latest developments in post-sub urbanization, conurbation, mega-regions and mega-projects.

The second theme is rural transformation and community development. Research has been developed on the topic of rural communities and social capital, and currently,  it will be developed and continued with various current topics including rural transformation and modernization (including IT issues), rural life and networks of actors in regional and rural development.

The third theme is environment planning and management, which includes current issues on disasterm climate changes, and water resources. This topics has been continued with focusing on preparedness, and resilience on facing disasters and climate changes, coastal development, also the newest topic relates to water, food, and energy resilience.

The fourth theme is regional policy and governance which covers many issues of regional development after decentralization, such as regional expansion, inter-regional cooperation and various institutional and regional leadership issues. At the moment this topic is continued and enriched with topics such as collaboration between institutions, network management and layered governance in regional development.