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Fikri Zul Fahmi


Fikri Zul Fahmi


Position Assistant Professor
Academic Career Doctorate University of Groningen 2016
Master University of Groningen 2013
Bachelor Institut Teknologi Bandung 2010
Employment Academic staff (2015 – now)
Research and development projects over the last 5 years
  1. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and the Development of Rural and Lagging Regions in Contemporary Indonesia (2018)
  2. Rural Transformation in Indonesia: Subjective Well-being, Food System, and Community Resilience (2018)
  3. Creative Kampongs  (2017-2018) Funded by The British Academy, in collaboration with University College London, Universitas Diponegoro and Yayasan Solo Kota Kita. Amount of GBP 43,102
  4. Innovation Diffusion and Networks in Rural Industries and Communities in the Context of Contemporary Rural Development in Indonesia (2017) Funded by Institute for Research and Community Services. Amount of IDR 179,998,998 (around EUR 11,800)
  5. Impacts of Knowledge Spillovers in the Manufacturing Industry on Regional Economic Growth and Development: The case of Batam (2017) Funded by Institute for Research and Community Services. Amount of IDR 89,973,124 (around EUR 5,900)
  6. Creativity, cultural economy and local development in Indonesia (2013-2016) University of Groningen. Covers salaries and bench fees of EUR 7,500
Industry collaboration
  1. WWF Indonesia, collaboration in implementing the concept of the green economy in the planning of conservation area in Kapuas Hulu (2017-18)
  2. University College London & The British Academy, in research collaboration on creative kampongs (2017-18)
  3. Association of crafters in Sukaruas, Tasikmalaya, collaboration  in developing and promoting the creative village (2017)
Patents and proprietary rights
Important publications over the last 5 years Total number: 10

  1. Fahmi, FZ. Business Networks, Social Capital and the Economic Performance of Creative and Cultural Industries 2018, Asia Pacific Viewpoint, In press.
  2. Fahmi FZ, Koster S. Creative Industries and Regional Productivity Growth in the Developing Economy: Evidence from Indonesia 2017, Growth and Change, Early view, 1-26.
  3. Fahmi FZ, McCann P, Koster S. Creative economy policy in developing countries: the case of Indonesia 2017, Urban Studies 54(6), 1367-1384.
  4. Firman T and Fahmi FZ. The Privatization of Metropolitan Jakarta’s (Jabodetabek) Urban Fringes: The Early Stages of “Post-Suburbanization” in Indonesia. 2017, Journal of the American Planning Association 87(1), 68-79.
  5. Fahmi FZ, Koster S, van Dijk J. The location of creative industries a developing country: The case of Indonesia. 2016, Cities 59, 66-79
  6. Fahmi FZ, Prawira MI, Hudalah D, Firman T. Leadership and collaborative planning: The case of Surakarta, Indonesia, 2016, Planning Theory 15(3), 294-315
Activities in specialist bodies over the last 5 years Regional Science Association International (2018-now)

Indonesian Regional Science Association (2018-now)

European Regional Science Association (2013-2016)


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