Kelompok Keahlian Perencanaan Wilayah dan Perdesaan

Saut Sagala

Saut Aritua H. Sagala

Position Assistant Professor
Academic Career Doctorate Kyoto University 2009
Master ITC Twente University

Institut Teknologi Bandung



Bachelor Institut Teknologi Bandung 2001
Employment Academic staff (year – now)
Research and development projects over the last 5 years
  1. Study on Regional Transition of Food Resilience and Energy-independent (2018)
  2. Co Investigator, Creating Resilient Sustainable Microgrids through Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems, Global Challenge Research Funds (2018-2021), Leeds University, Resilience Development Initiative. PI: Prof. Jon Lovett.
  3. Co Investigator, Bandung Seismic City Project. Collaboration with Coventry University (UK). PI: Dr. Gavin Sullivan. Resilience Development Initiative.
  4. Co-Investigator, Understanding of urban gas consumer demand in Palembang City through Agent-Based Modelling, PI. Dr. Niken Prilandita.
  5. Evaluation of Indonesian Smart Program towards Adolescence Resiliency to Disaster and Social Hazard in Cianjur Regency (2017)
  6. Ecotourism and Geoparks as New Strategies for Socio-Economic Development of Rural Area, Case Study of Mount Batur, Bali (2017)
  7. Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning of West Java Provincial Government, 2016. Funded by ITB
  8. Correlation of Natural Disaster and District Economic Development in Indonesia (2016)
  9. Conceptual Development of Natural and Climate Change Impact to Build Community Resilience in Indonesia, PI: Dr. Herryal Anwar (2015) Funding Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) Excellent Competitive Grant (Riset Unggulan LIPI).
  10. Assessing Economic Potential of Biogas for Rural Development in Selo, Boyolali, Central Java. PI: Deny Nugraha. (2015) Funding ITB Research Grant.
  11. Vulnerability of Community to Water Resources in Semarang on Climate Change Related Factors, PI: Nurrochman Wijaya. (2015) Funding ITB Research Grant.
Industry collaboration
  1. World Bank, Team Leader of CIRCLE Indonesia Team, Strategic Evaluation and Strategic Sustainability Plan of Indonesia Multi Donor Fund Facility for Disaster Recovery. with Bappenas GOI. Series of FGDs with national ministries related to disaster risk finance (2018)
  2. Plan International, Team Leader, Asean Safe School Initiative (ASSI) Reporting Mechanisms. Deveoping Regional & National Indicators of Safe School for ASEAN Member States. (2018)
  3. Amcross (American Red Cross), Consultant, Mid Term Review of Disaster Management Logistic. (2018)
  4. IFRC, Consultant, Lobby & Advocacy of Integration Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Spatial Planning.(2018)
  5. Oxfam GB, Consultant of Mid Term Review – Civil Society Organization and Local Authority (CSO LA) Project. CSO-LA project focuses to enhance CSO role in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on Goals 1 (no poverty), 5 (gender equality), and 10 (reduced inequalities. Field visit locations: Pangkejene Kepulauan District and Dompu District.
  6. IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross), Policy Analysis Expert, Integration of Disaster Risk  Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation, Development Planning and Spatial Planning, collaboration with Bappenas, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Spatial Planning and Agrarian, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, BNPB.
  7. Save the Children, Lead Consultant, Pidie Jaya – Aceh Earthquake Emergency Response Final Evaluation. Focusing on Child Education and Child Protection in Emergency. Interviews to beneficiaries in many schools receiving the assistance (teachers, children, parents), government agencies, NGOs and STC Staffs.
  8. BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources), Spatial Planning Expert, Geo-Risk Sensitive Spatial Planning. Tasks: conducting Pilot Training for Trainers on Geo-Sensitive Spatial Planning. Prepare and lead Smart City excursion to Singapore to groups of Geology Training Center and Geology Agency of Indonesia.
  9. Plan Indonesia, Mid-Term Review of Country Strategic Plan on five key sectors: early childhood and care development (ECCD), youth economic empowerment (YEE), water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), disaster risk management (DRM) and child protection and participation (CPP). Field Area visited: Districts of Rembang, Nagekeo, Timor Tengah Selatan and Timor Tengah Utara. (2015)
  10. Oxfam & ASEAN Secretariat, Consultant, Scoping Study and Developing Guideline of Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction / Climate Change Adaptation. Location: ASEAN Countries (2015)
Patents and proprietary rights
Important publications over the last 5 years
  1. Tarigan and Sagala, S (2018). The pursuit of greenness: explaining low-carbon urban transformation in Indonesia. International Planning Studies.
  2. Fahlevi, I., Sutanto, A., Andiani, A., Sagala, S. A. H., & Kastl, S. (2018). Education and Training on Introduction of Geology for Spatial Planning. The Indonesian Journal of Planning and Development, 3(1), 1-9.
  3. Wimbardana, R., Tarigan, A., Sagala, S. (2018) Does pedestrian environment promote walkability? Auditing the pedestrian environment using the Pedestrian Environmental Data Scan instrument, Journal of Regional and City Planning, Institut Teknologi Bandung.
  4. Puspitasari, N., Suroso, D. S. A., & Sagala, S. A. H. (2017). Identifying Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation Efforts for Children into the West Java Development Planning. The Indonesian Journal of Planning and Development, 2(2), 62-73.
  5. Tarigan, A., Samsura, D., Sagala, S. and Wimbardana, R. (2017) Balikpapan: Urban planning and development in anticipation of the post-oil industry era, Cities Journal.
  6. Sagala, S., Adhitama, P., Sianturi, D and Al Faruq, U. (2016) Mitigation Scenarios for Residential Fires in Densely Populated Urban Settlements in Sukahaji Village, Bandung City, Geoplanning: Journal of Geomatics and Planning.
  7. Tarigan, A., Sagala, S. Samsura, D., Fiisabiilillah, D., Simarmata, H., Nababan, M. (2016) Bandung City Profile, Indonesia, Cities Journal, Volume 50, February 2016, Pages 100–110.
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  11. Lassa, J., Li, D., Rohi, R., Sagala, S., Sura, Y. (2017) The Civil Society Roles in Governing Disaster Reduction in Indonesia, Government and Communities: Sharing Indonesia’s Common Goals, by Indonesian Regional Science Association
  12. Pratama, A., Rianawati, E., Sagala. S. (2016) Strengthening Community Resilience through Adaptive Social Protection: lesson learned from West Java, Indonesia, Edited Book Herryal Anwar, LIP
  13. Aris, H., Sagala, S., Reeves, A., Kharisma, I. (2016) How Can Cash Transfer Promote Community Resilience? Program Keluarga Harapan Implementation in East Nusa Tenggara, Edited Book Herryal Anwar, LIPI
    Al Faruq, U., Rianawati, E., Sagala, S., Currie, E. (2016) Resilience in Sumba Island: How Can Renewable Energy Contribute? Edited Book Herryal Anwar, LIPI
  14. Wulandari, Y., Coffey, M., Sagala, S. (2016) Community Resilience Analysis after Major Geological Hazards in Indonesia. Edited Book Herryal Anwar, LIPI
  15. Sagala, S., Yamin, D, Pratama, A., Rianawati, E. (2016) Adaptive Social Protection, Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Community Resilience: Evidence from Rural Areas in Indonesia. Edited Book By Drolet, J. by Francis & Taylor.
Activities in specialist bodies over the last 5 years
  • ASEAN Engineering Journal Editorial Board Member in Natural Disaster
  • Resilience Development Initiative
  • Forum Geografi Editorial Board Member